Have an idea? or Already a startup and looking to grow? Here is a startup launcher

There are many creative ideas, Ideas which are worth spreading, which  needs an incubation, a launch. Some ideas remain as thoughts and die before they come out into this practical world and some ideas will get a start but struggle to grow as a pro. Many people dream about having their own venture instead of working under someone else. But starting a venture is not so easy task as a dream, You need an idea, a strategy, a platform and more than that your dedication. Peter Drucker says, The best way to predict the future is to create it. yes you should create your future. You have to think about creating something for your life, creating for your future and hence creating your future.

Tata Elxsi incub@TE is a startup launcher program-feedose

So, Ask yourself, What to start?, Then, we will tell you, how to start or how to implement your idea. There are many startup launcher programs, both private and government have lunched many startup incubator programs which provides all types of support needed to start an entrepreneurship. We at Feedose, before suggesting any startup launcher to anyone, we first analyse that program and do thorough research about that particular program and then we will give required guidance regarding that process.

This time, Feedose has analysed Incub@TE program launched by Tata Elxsi and Get2Volume, both have signed a partnership program to incubate, support and grow technology in India and Singapore. Both have launched a startup launcher program to nurture and support aspiring entrepreneurs.

Both Tata Elxsi and Get2Volume extends their support to each other portfolio companies that want  to build their businesses in India and Singapore respectively, with infrastructure, mentorship and go-to-market support. and also provides access to each others world class engineering and technology products with some separate agreements.

Once you signup with this startup launcher, you will become a portfolio company of Tata Elxsi and Get2Volume in respective countries. You will get every possible support you need. As stated by, Mr. Rajesh Kumar, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, Tata Elxsi, “This partnership provides portfolio companies with access to capital, connections and complementary capability”. Then he adds, “We look forward to working together to nurture and empower the next generation of technology entrepreneurs and enable their success”.

Incub@TE Startup Launcher: The Tata Elxsi incub@TE is a startup launcher program which has been set up to foster the entrepreneurial activities in the technology space. As per your ideas and area of interest, the incub@TE program provides a platform for startups and aspiring entrepreneurs to implement their ideas into commercially viable products or services. This program help to take entrepreneurs ideas to the market with support of ready Infrastructure, Required resources, Funding, Expert support, Mentorship and Market support.

The incub@TE claim that, They will provide, access to service providers, plug-n-play offices and connections with people and organizations who matter. This enables the startups associated with the program get better visibility and an association that brings trust in their target market.

To start with incub@TE startup launcher program, visit to Tata Elxsi incub@TE.  Then click on the “Process” tab on main menu. then there you have it.

If you want to contact the officials of incub@TE :

For India:

Tata Elxsi

Hari Balan
Corporate Communications
Ph: +91 80 22979123
[email protected]

For Singapore:


Dena Jacobson
Lages & Associates
+1 (949) 453-8080
[email protected]

Mike Holt
[email protected]



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