You can Test it on your computer – Why Google Search Engine is better than Bing?


What do you think, which search engine is best? Google or Bing?  Well before going to that, I just want you to know some unknown facts about Google and Bing search engines.

Google or bing which is better?


1) Google has very attractive visual search results: Type Tiger and see, you will get everything about tiger on its first page itself.

2) Google is very quick in instant search results.

3) Google has more integrated products like Drive, Gmail, Reader, Analytics etc. on its search page itself.

4) Google provides more relevant and recent results than compared to Bing.

5) Google is Master piece in displaying advance search results: Just type 2+2 in both Google and Bing, Try it now.

6) Google is very smart search engine. for Eg: Type calculator in Google and see.



1) Bing’s Social integration is stronger than Google: Bing has a contract with social networking sites for displaying more social data.

2) Bing is cool and simple: Bing is not messed up with ‘+1 buttons, social share’s and useless results like in Google.

3) Bing shows less irrelevant data.: But Google shows everything about everything.

4) Bing isn’t cluttered.


So, this is what I have about Google and Bing. Well, What do you think now? Which is best Google or Bing ???

Still not satisfied?

OK, try this on your computer: Type $ on both Google and Bing search engine and check out.


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