How to Hack your Nokia mobile

Dear friends, I won’t beat it around the bush, directly i’ll come to the point, i.e Hacking procedure. Many of you might have faced some of these common problems while installing applications, games or any softwares on your Nokia mobile. To avoid installation errors we have to hack our Nokia mobile first.

Here are those problems you may face while installation:

1) Expired certificate

2) Certificate error

3) Unknown application. Contact the supplier

4) unsupported application

5) Format unsupported

Nokia mobile symbian hack for certificate error problem

To avoid facing problems while installation, one need to hack their Nokia mobile for error free installation, You can hack your phone very easily, There is no big deal in hacking your Nokia phone (With Operating Systems Symbian S60v5/S60v3/Belle/Anna). This method is applicable to almost all S60 devices mainly Nokia 5233/5230/5800 etc.

You just need to download below 3 softwares and install them on your Nokia mobile and follow up the process explained.

> Norton Symbian Hack

> ROM Patcher Plus

> Y-Browser For Symbian


Here are 3 simple steps to hack your Nokia mobile:

Step 1: After Installing the Norton Symbian Hack application, open it and then go to Options -> Antivirus ->Quarantine list. There you will find some list of files, then go to Options -> Restore All.  Then say Yes to the confirmation.

Then, Go to Settings on mobile -> App Manager -> Installed apps. Now Uninstall the Application named Symantec Symbian Hack.

Step 2: Then, Launch ROM Patcher Plus, There you will find 2 patches, then go to Options -> All Patches -> Apply or Mark them all And Then go to Options -> Add to Auto.

Step 3: Now open Y-Browser, then go to C Drive ->Then delete the folder C:/Shared. Then restart your mobile. That’s it!

You have hacked your Nokia mobile!

Now you are allowed to install almost all applications without any errors. Enjoy!


Note/Warning : Please hack your mobile at your own risk, we are not responsible for any damage or loss of any data.


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