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Had you planned to buy the nexus 7 when it was released, and dropped the idea because it is expensive, then its right  time to buy Nexus 7 at unbelievable low price. Even though the  google has priced its own nexus 7 15,999Rs in their Play store, Amazon India is giving it at low price of Rs 11,999. Click here to buy.

Nexus 7 in

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Do you think the This Nexus 7 1st generation worth 11999, even after the release of the 2nd generation Nexus 7.but for me it’s definitely a killer price one can get for the creamy layer tablet’s. I think the Amazon wanted to clear out its stock before The Nexus 7 2nd generation enters the Indian market. Though 2nd generation enter the Indian market it will not priced less than Rs 18500 as @nd generation costs $30 more than the 1st one .we cant say that 1st generation nexus is better then the 2nd,but for sure if you are planning for the premium Tablet at budget price this will be the right opportunity. To check out the Specification of Nexus 7 click  here.

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